Just keep on going…

Dear Me,

I know you’re stressing about going back to work tomorrow, you will more than most and no matter how many times I tell you that your worrying is pointless, you will still do it.

You’re not the only person who dreads going back after a spell away, if you would ever allow yourself to think about it logically you would realise this.

I know you’re feeling a bit lost this week, it didn’t really turn out how you intended did it, for many reasons. The break that you hoped would be relaxing turned into a bit of a nightmare, but hey, you got through it and tomorrow is the start of a new week, you just have to up and move on.

I know you don’t always acknowledge it, but you did OK this week. Sure some things could have been handled better, but you’re not an expert, so why do you expect so much from yourself.There never was going to be a handbook that walked you through how to deal with the side of Dementia that shows you bed wetting is not solely reserved for children, that was always going to be something you would have to learn for yourself. You did, can’t you see that. You dealt with it as you needed too and for now hopefully it is a problem solved, don’t dwell on it any more, you need  to move on.

You need to remind yourself to take things one day at a time, perhaps even one step at a time. I know sometimes life consumes you, because I know you better than you know yourself, but this anxiety and worry is doing you no good, be kind to yourself, because without you, there is nothing else.

Take time, breathe and relax, tomorrow is another day.




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