Dear Tuesday,

You’re the second day of my working week, usually quiet in your nature and regarded as unimportant by some. I think perhaps you are judged unfairly, because you provide an important bridge to Wednesday, also referred to as hump day, a stepping stone towards the weekend.

I feel a bit deflated today Tuesday, even though I can’t put my finger on the exact reason why. Tiredness cannot be ruled out, nor can work. It’s been a tough couple of days which have left me a touch frazzled and feeling lost.

Winter is almost over and touches of Spring are starting to appear, most notably the clusters of Primroses and Bluebells that begin to blossom despite the early morning frosts.

Sunshine adds a different hue to the lengthening days bringing with it the hint of possibility. Sometimes I wish I lived a normal life, able to enjoy the things that others take for granted. Walks on the beach, chips on a park bench and a kiss on the lips from someone you love. Such simple pleasures that seem so out of reach.

My days are all the same, the pressures of home life following seamlessly on from the pressures of work, with no end in sight.

I wonder sometimes how I manage to carry on, but I do, because there is no other option. There is no time to stand still because life recklessly crashes forward.

All I can do is go with the flow.

Say hello to Wednesday and tell her I’ll see her tomorrow.




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