Chance encounter

Dear WordPress,

This week you have decided to ask me about chance encounters.

Over the course of my life I have had many of those, some good and some bad. Take for example the time I had my first meeting with a Dulux Dog (Old English Sheepdog), which the adverts had portrayed as very friendly, I still carry the scar.

Perhaps that was just the start because as time marched on I would add more scars to that first one. Only I would carry them on my heart and not my thumb.

My meeting with the man I would love for 16 years really was a chance encounter. He was nothing more than a voice drifting through the airwaves, but oh that accent, I was hooked. I told my friends to be quiet, we were strangers on their channel, we needed to let them talk. He thanked me and then carried on about his business. I never thought much more about it.

Around the same time the following week he passed through my town again and called for me. As I wasn’t there my friend answered and told him this. He gave her his number and asked that she pass it along to me, which she did.

It’s a weird feeling having a strangers number in your hands, trying to decide whether to make the call or not. I’ve always said I believe that we meet people for a reason,we just don’t know in that instant if the outcome will be good or bad.

I sat for a long time, debating with myself, winning and losing arguments and eventually dialled the number, the same voice, like honey, only sleepy. We talked for a hour.

There was an instant attraction, for me anyway, which apparently left me blind to reason and common sense.Our first date was at a local Chinese restaurant followed by a walk beside the sea. We kissed under the stars, it felt so romantic, but I was young and naive.

He told me never to fall in love with him. I should have listened, but my heart ruled my head. I didn’t think he meant it, it took me 16 years to realise that he did.

There were good times and bad times, and if I am honest the only thing I regret is that I let too much time pass before realisation dawned.

Unbeknown to me at the time, my chance encounter shaped my future relationships and my idea of love, it is not all hearts and flowers as it once was.

Love Me x

(Written for The Daily Post Discover Challenge – Chance Encounters)


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