Dear You (About)

Thank you for stopping by, and also for taking the time to read this introduction.

There must have been something that piqued your interest, which is amusing, because there is nothing all that interesting about me at all.

Life is difficult, if anyone tells you otherwise, then they are indeed very charmed and also very lucky. Everyone has a story to tell, for now I prefer to tell mine in letters, I have no idea why. Perhaps there is something therapeutic about documenting how you feel and then releasing it into the ether.

I am a carer, not might I add through choice, but one none the less. You will notice these people mentioned in some of my letters, Aggie & Bert are my parents.

Please do not judge me by the letters I write. You may not always agree with my thinking, but you have to understand that often times these thoughts are better out than in. Voice them and move on. Nothing good ever comes from bottling things up, unless of course it is wine!

Please feel free to stay a while or say hello if you so desire. You are more than welcome.

Maddie x